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My statement

My work represents a personal journey through life; a soothing mountain landscape, a colorful street market, the sound of the ocean far away. Whenever I stop to admire the little details in nature or in everyday life situations, I battle with myself about how to portray my feelings: To focus on the energy of colors or the serenity with which I perceive most scenes around me?
 By reflecting on my roots, which can be found in Ecuador; and the culture, feelings, flavors and emotions I´ve experienced throughout my life, I´m sharing part of my soul. I approach my paintings with a very personal visual language, always trying to bring my own narrative into the work: my own personal life story.


Cristina was born in Ecuador. This land captivated her attention and inspired the artist to pursue her  artistic career. Ecuador’s culture, flavors and colors made a deep impact in the life of the artist.

She received her Bachelor Degree in Arts with a Graphic Design major at Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts.  She moved back to Ecuador where she worked as Art Director in DeMaruri Publicidad. The Asociación Ecuatoriana de Publicidad (AEAP) granted her eleven Condor Awards for her outstanding work as a designer. Later on,  Cristina and a colleague established 320-C Publicidad, a design and advertising studio.

In 1998 she moved to the United States and resumed her painting studies. Cristina resides in key Biscayne Florida, and participates as a painter with Studio 1156. She has taken part in many solo and group exhibits. Many of them have been in favor of charitable Foundations through the United States and South America.

Hoja de Vida